EVERY… snowflake is different

In nature a snowflake is made up of a single or group of ice crystals that fall through the earths atmosphere in such a unique formation that no two flakes are alike. Recovered white marine plastic debris serves as a metaphor to the snowflake, with each man-made object offering a different structure and with the contradiction at having been collected from the shoreline of the Nature Reserve at Spurn Point.

The snow flurry includes: draught piece, padlock, industrial mask, bread tie, margarine tub, cake decoration pillar, paracetamol packaging, syringe, oil cap, plunger, paintbrush handle, hard hat, dummy, fishing reel, bobbin, pump dispenser, horse’s leg, garden furniture chair leg, tooth pic, propeller, glasses arm, flask lid, fire alarm casing, tie hanger, ceiling rose, ball of tape, football, clothing hook, hot drinks lid, plate, sewing reel, party mask, shard, tile spacer, pen top, aerosol nozzle, hat, toothpaste tube, tops, caps, lids, balloon valve, washing peg, rivet, pipe bracket, knife, fork, spoon, lolly stick, arrow, sucker, handle, milk, cat flap frame, drainpipe bend, capsule, ice cube tray, straw, egg holder, firework holder, coat hanger, balloon, drinks stirrer, carton, 90 angle, tent peg, medicine tablet lid, toilet deodorising holder, tube, plumbing flange, seal, sweet container, tic tac lid, comb, wheel, link, elastoplast reel, hoop, wrist band, thread, bottle, nut, football cone, screw, face mask, tray, ring pull, plug, shower rail hook, fan, pan, steering wheel, frisbee, bubble blower, angel wings and many more parts of unidentified objects.