Selected commissioned images include work for;

National Geographic - Planet or Plastic?
Planet or Plastic? is National Geographic’s multiyear effort to raise awareness about the global plastic trash crisis. These images were commissioned for National Geographic Magazine.

WeTransfer - Union of Concerned Photographers
Images for the campaign series ‘Planet in Crisis’. “It’s one thing to know that the planet is in crisis. It’s another to see what that looks like”. WeTransfer’s Union of Concerned Photographers uses the power of photography to underline the urgency of environmental concerns.

Greenpeace - Beluga II
Image commissioned as part of the ‘Beluga II’ ship’s expedition and scientific journey around the Inner Hebrides, Scotland, investigating the impact of ocean plastic pollution on some of the UK’s most beautiful landscapes and wildlife. Created to raise awareness and focus on plastic pollution and the possible ways to prevent it. 

IKEA - ‘Lost At Sea’
Ikea Art Event 2016 - Image 'Lost At Sea' - Mandy Barker invited as one of 11 contemporary artists from around the world to create a limited edition image and poster to be sold in Ikea stores globally.
Marine plastic debris was recovered from six different continents and six different oceans around the world, and arranged on a black background to represent this hidden world of plastic under the sea.

“Taking part in this event made it possible for people around the world to buy an image of my work, and by doing so engage a wider audience with the issue of marine plastic. Displaying the poster in their homes will hopefully stimulate discussion and lead to further awareness”.